Blog: Organic Gardening In Early Spring

In early spring, apply corn gluten as pre-emergent for weeds. Do not use corn gluten if you are putting grass seed on your yard. The corn gluten is effective for approximately 60 days as a pre-emergent, so if grass or other seeds are planted, this should be done 60 days before or after seeding.

About 2 weeks later, fertilize  the yard with granular fertilizer (Texas Tee) and dry molasses.

About a month later, in most areas this is sometime in May, apply foliar (liquid) fertilizer. Compost tea can be used for this. Apply again in about 8 weeks.

Corn gluten can be applied again in the middle of the summer (July)

For fruit and vegetable gardens, foliar feeding can be done every two to three weeks, especially when the plants are bearing fruit.

Adding compost  (1/2″ thick at least once/year), mulch in gardens and flowerbeds, and aerating the lawn regularly will improve soil health more quickly and reduce weeds. In areas where the soil lacks organic matter or is infertile, it will take some time, possibly a few years for the soil health to improve. The healthier the lawn, garden, soil becomes, the fewer soil amendments will be needed. Some examples of poor soil quality are the types of weeds found: Grass burrs, red sorrell, thistles, goose grass, knotweed, annual bluegrass, crab grasses, plantains,and white clover.

The organic program is not effective when chemical fertilizers, weed killers, etc. are used.

– Ann Ruten, Sisters Gardens

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